Raja Ampat is famously known for its colourful and vivid underwater world making it a fabled hotspot for divers from all over the world. Yet the archipelago is a paradise from ridge to reef and hides a lot of undiscovered secrets under the ever green canopy that covers the ravishing islands. The melodic calls of the rainforest already suggest the unique diversity of majestic creatures which fill the impenetrable jungle with live. An exploration into the remote back land of Raja Ampat allows you a glimpse at the astonishing landscapes and natural sights.

Thrilling adventures

Unspoiled from any tourism our breath-taking nature adventures offer unique and memorable experiences for beginners and experts alike.

Traditional handicrafts

The unique bond between the indigenous Maya and the nature is well expressed in the overwhelming variety of traditional handicrafts. These days their preservation is a sustainable alternative to support the development of local livelihoods in the remote villages.